Resistance Lab is a grassroots collective
that uses education, technology and research
to find new ways to resist state violence.

Our work is an ongoing collaboration between scholars, activists, and grassroots community groups working to confront state violence in Greater Manchester. We are committed to participatory democratic approaches that bring technology and data experts into collaborative partnership with anti-racist activists, in order to find new ways to resist state violence and create more just and equitable communities.

By creating a space for the communities affected the most by state violence to work with researchers and technologists, we believe we can find new and better ways to work together to resist the increasingly data-driven architecture of state oppression.

What is state violence?

We understand ‘state violence’ to refer to both direct and indirect forms of violence that are a consequence of the actions or inaction of the state and its agencies.

State violence can cause physical and psychological harm and particularly impacts upon people from structurally disadvantaged communities.

Our current work

“A Growing Threat to Life: Taser usage by Greater Manchester Police” is our first report. It details the growing threat of Taser use against citizens in Greater Manchester and the UK.

Our report highlights the alarming growth of Taser use by UK Police. It raises concerns about the use of Taser against children, some of whom are under 11, and the extremely disproportional use against Black citizens.

Based upon the growing ‘threat to life’ posed by Taser, we call for its abolition.

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About Resistance Lab

Resistance Lab is (as far as possible) a non-hierarchical group based in Manchester, UK. We are organised into several “Working Groups” with different specialities.

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Work with us

If you are interested in tackling state violence, Resistance Lab offers a supportive and friendly space of collaboration.

We work together, develop new skills, learn and support each other, and build a sense of community. We nurture skills in research, coding, and communications.

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