We research, create and publish
reports, articles, graphs and data
about state violence and its causes.

Our collective works together to identify the issues doing the most harm to the structurally disadvantaged communities we are part of. We then explore the issues together using the multidisciplinary expertise of our members, which spans a wide range of fields such as: anthropology, community organising, criminology, data science, history, programming, sociology, statistics, and youth work.

This page catalogues the outputs of this ongoing process in the form of longform reports, blog posts, data repositories, and other information and tools designed to help create lasting systemic change.

Taser usage by Greater Manchester Police has risen to its highest ever level

Published 8 March 2021

Infographics published by GMP on their website and circulated to community groups indicated that their Taser use was declining. However, this is directly contradicted by data reported by GMP to the Home Office which shows Tasers being used at more than double the rate claimed in these infographics.

We call on the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to immediately halt the decision to roll out Tasers to even more officers.

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A Growing Threat to Life: Taser Usage by Greater Manchester Police

Published 1 August 2020

With Tasers being rolled out around the country and an absence of accountability, we can only expect to see more cases in which members of the public suffer serious injury or loss of life.

Resistance Lab stands in solidarity with the victims and families impacted by police usage of tasers and with this report we make one simple demand: the abolition of tasers.

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