We are a multidisciplinary team of
activists, campaigners, and researchers
aiming to dismantle the causes of state violence.

We are an anti-racist group who seek to understand, expose, and educate others about how state violence affects marginalised communities. Resistance Lab members meet semi-regularly to organise around the local (Greater Manchester) dimensions of the global challenge presented by (racist) state violence.

Central to our work is the development of technological and/or creative outputs to raise public awareness about different forms of state violence.

We are committed to participatory, democratic approaches that bring tech and data experts into collaborative partnership with anti-racist activists, in order to find new ways to resist state violence and create more just and equitable communities.

Through workshops and meetings, we have worked together to analyse stop and search data in our community, partnered with local archives to uncover marginalised and suppressed narratives of people who have died following police custody, and helped families with the emotional and legal support necessary to investigate and challenge decisions.

Member organisations

Member organisations include Geeks for Social Change, Kids of Colour, Northern Police Monitoring Project (NPMP), Race, Roots & Resistance (R3), The African Pot Project, Sites of Resistance, Trans Safety Network, and No Borders Manchester.

Please get in touch with us if your group is interested in collaborating with Resistance Lab.

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Our constitution

Our constitution governs our group and acts as a shared understanding between members about the purpose of the group. It changes regularly as we better understand our processes and objectives.

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Our code of conduct is an agreement all members take when joining the group. It helps to ensure we remain a safe space.

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Our publishing process

We work hard to make sure our work is accurate, high quality, and statistically sound.

We release all our work under a Creative Commons BY-SC-NA license unless otherwise stated.

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