New Dataset
Deaths during or following police contact

Our latest dataset in our data respository is the IOPC annual statistics on deaths during or following police contact, made available in an open CSV format at the force-level.

The IOPC goes out of its way to block automated downloads of this data, and it is hard to process their spreadsheets in Python due to multiple tables per sheet. We have therefore added the data to the repository to make it easier to work with.

We also make multiple versions of the source data available for download, since investigations take considerable time to complete and previous years data does change considerably.

This data provides a count of deaths in or following police custody, incidents and deaths following road traffic incidents involving the police, fatal shootings, and apparent suicides as well as other deaths. We have also put together a notebook to get started with analyzing this data.

View our Google Colab notebook on deaths involving collisions with a police vehicle